Monday, 3 January 2011

2011 is upon us...

... what does this mean?

Well. For a start, it means new projects. I have a couple of these up my sleeve and will be sharing them all with you when they are ready. I will be having a sample sale soon to clear out some space as that is something I am rapidly running out of so I shall post information about that as and when!

I start off every year with the best of intentions. Don't we all? But in the last say 3 or 4 years I feel like I've actually done a pretty decent job of sticking to my guns and making stuff happen for me. This year is to be no different in that respect.... but the goals I have set myself do perhaps have a little more riding on them than usual. That does make me a bit nervous... but also excited. Here's hoping, eh?

One of my goals is to better maintain my online presence outside of Twitter & Facebook. This is where you guys could help me actually. What would you like to see more of in this blog? I have set up my Tumblr properly now so that will be a place for general pictorial stuff, be it my work, other people's work, inspirations etc, anything that takes my fancy. This blog, however, I'd like to keep for Sacré Coeur and the goings on in and around Sacré Coeur HQ. What would you be interested to read more of?

On that note, I shall be off for now as I have lots to catch up on after Christmas, but so as not to leave this text only and boring, here... have a photo of my favourite commission over the festive period. Sterling silver, one of a kind, inverted cross hoop earrings.