Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Slight change of plan...

So, shortly after my last entry here, I put plans into motion for a new website for Sacré Coeur that would involve a new blog which would be a part of the site rather than just linked out to blogspot, as it is at present. What with a new collection underway and a massive facelift on the cards, the website is taking a while to come to fruition but it will be well worth it once it's done and dusted and ready to go! I haven't forgotten about your submissions last year of your own jewellery collections. They are safely stashed with a written out entry about them ready to christen the new blog on the new site with! Basically, I am keeping the on-site blog very much SC and jewellery based.

That leaves me wondering about this blog and what to do with it. I don't want it to sit here uninhabited & unloved, nor do I want to delete it... so I had an idea!

Many of my customers and friends that I have made throughout the course of running Sacré Coeur follow me on Twitter & Facebook and, as such, they get a small glimpse into the weird and wonderful stuff I get up to in my lab/studio. I thought I'd open this blog up to act as a window into the inner workings of Sacré Coeur HQ and show you some of the stuff I do in my spare time... mainly because I'm a complete geek and like to share these things where possible!

If there is a call for this sort of thing then you can expect to find a lot of insects both dead and alive, projects involving my hobbies (entomology, amateur horticulture, collection and preservation of natural specimens, taxidermy, the creatures I rear etc), private collections, artwork I am working on and other such stuff. So, what say you guys? Might this be something you'd be interested in seeing?

I shall leave you with a few photos of my personal collection of natural history paraphernalia and other misc bits and pieces to give you an idea of what I'm talking about!

Au revoir for now! x