Friday, 13 May 2011

What’s in Your Jewellery Box? Pt. 2.

Last week I posted a handful of pictures of my own personal jewellery collection with the intention of offering a little insight into my personal tastes and to hopefully encourage a little interaction with you, my readers! Well, it seems to have worked so far! After asking for submissions from you so I could make another post featuring your collections, I have been somewhat inundated with lots of wonderful pictures and it’s been really interesting to see what you’ve got so far so please keep them coming! I will be accepting submissions from you all until the 20th of May and, after that, I will be putting together a selection of the best collections and posting them here in my blog for everyone to have a look at! Seriously, some of the submissions I’ve had so far have been EPIC. I’m honoured that so many of you have put so much time and effort into this!

If you would like to join in, please email your submissions to and include a little info about yourself and the items you have submitted.

So, in the meantime, to continue the theme of what’s in your jewellery box, I’ve decided to show you the jewellery box itself. Only, my jewellery box isn’t necessarily a box. Depending on which pieces of jewellery we’re talking about, it might be a nail in my wall, a key in a cabinet lock or even the entire cabinet! Here, I’ll show you…

Above: Because I want to be able to see my jewellery all the time and not lock it away in a box, I have always tended to hang it from things in my room. When I was at university, I had a wooden shelf unit I picked up cheap for my books etc. I screwed a few wood screws into it at intervals up the front of it and hung my many necklaces from it. I don’t have that anymore and my furniture here is way too nice to be banging nails into it or screwing things into it… so I took it out on the walls and banged a couple of nails into them to hang things from instead! I love the way the necklaces look all bunched together hanging alongside a couple of my illustrations. There is usually a taxidermy mount in a glass case on the unit in front of this wall so you have to imagine a stuffed puffin somewhere in between the necklaces… he’s being cleaned at the moment though!

Above: One piece of aforementioned furniture is my lovely sideboard! It acts as a book case, cupboards and glass fronted cabinets for my collection of curios (the more I think about this, the more certain I am that I will do a post solely dedicated to these!). The glass cabinet parts lock with pretty little keys (though I only have one that luckily fits both locks. The other got lost when we moved). Naturally, as it’s something I can hang stuff from, that’s precisely what I did! Voila, another convenient hanging place for my necklaces!

Above: Not even my bathroom mirror has escaped having stuff hung from it. 

Above:  Nor did my light fitting. I wrap this necklace around a pair of hair sticks and rest them on the light. I have no idea what possessed me to do it the first time, but I liked how it looks so it stayed!

Above: Obviously, there are certain things I can't hang from every available fixture or fitting. Piercing jewellery, brooches, rings etc all need a place to live so I don't lose them! I keep all of my piercing jewellery in the little box to the far left of the first pic. It's a wooden hinged box from Iran, sent over for me by my grandmother. I love it. The lady that's hand painted onto it has a very fetching monobrow... as I would have too if I didn't wax, pluck or shave most of mine off! The round box in the middle holds various pins and miscellany and the very handsome crab holds a couple of pairs of earrings I bought in Berlin and my bullet pin. It's not a very big box on the inside so I can't put much in it.

Above: Last but not least, the organised chaos that is my studio. I was incredibly lucky to come into possession of that lovely shiny black humidor (far left, top pic) after being told that it was about to be chucked out of an off-license that was closing down. It used to house their selection of cigars, now it houses my stock! I absolutely love it. Also shown in the top pic are the bits I've currently 'stored' on my desk and my poor, battered desk-lamp that also hasn't managed to escape having stuff hung from it! The lower picture shows a couple of the stands I use for doing stalls and events. They are currently home to a lot more stuff than would be on them at any events they come to, but you get the idea. Nice and organised and a good way to display earrings clearly!

And so, that concludes the second little look at my jewellery collection! Don't forget, you have until May 20th to send in your own pictures for inclusion in my upcoming entry about reader's jewellery collections! In the meantime, keep your eyes open for my next entry which will take you on a little tour of my cabinet of curiosities!

Thanks for reading! Bye for now <3

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