Saturday, 29 May 2010

Memento Mori Collection.

Ok, ok... sorry. I know this is really late! I have no excuse other than having been incredibly busy working on things and skipping off around the country to various work related engagements. It's been good though and now, here I am, about to post pictures of my new stuff for you to peruse.

Looking back at my previous entry you will see a few photo's that served as examples of my interests and inspiration for this new line of jewellery. I hope you will see some of this reflected in the pieces I have been working on recently. I have plans for much, much more along these lines but, for now... here it is. The Memento Mori Collection by Sacré Coeur...

The pieces shown to the right are all from the first range in this collection. Named 'Corvus' because of the choice of a representation of the crow skull for the cameo, each piece is made by hand here in my studio. The cameo's are my own design which were hand carved and then produced one by one. No two are identical. The settings that they sit in are also handmade by me having spent months searching for suitable pieces from which I could make my own moulds and cast my own in whatever quantities I need.

On the far left of this picture is an example of the next line of hand carved cameo's named Death's Touch. Smaller sizes will follow as well as further new designs. Death's Touch is currently available as the necklace pictured and a miniature top hat like the Corvus hat pictured above.

These are all available to buy now from my online shop here: Sacré Coeur

Or, if you prefer, at my Etsy shop here.

Thanks very much for looking! I'd love to hear your thoughts :)


MissHilton said...

I love these. I like the skull as a silhouette. I was thinking about doing some crow skull painting soon. Watch this space x

Teayam Tasbihgou said...

Awesome :D I'd love to see! And thank you very much lovely lady! x