Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Makeover time and my first little feature!

I thought it was high time I made some proper use of this blog. First port of call had to be a makeover. With the help on my brother, I've now managed to get it somewhat how I like it! So now, roll on new content and interesting things...

In a bid to get more out of the whole blogging experience I will not only use this blog for its main purpose of documenting my own work and news relating to Sacré Coeur, but also showcasing other people's work that I find and appreciate along the way, posting about events and goings on as I go along my way. I would certainly welcome any input from you guys should you have any suggestions for features as I'm keen to use this to help promote other independent designers who are just starting up their businesses as well as those who are already established.

To kick things off, I'd like to share the work of a designer named Gisèle Ganne that, frankly, blew my mind when I was shown it by my brothers girlfriend (who will be getting a feature of her own very shortly). As my own work and my previous entries here will have demonstrated, I have an appreciation for symbolic jewellery (mourning jewellery in particular). Although Ms Ganne has applied her own very unique interpretation of the ideals behind mourning jewellery to create her own themed collection, it is actually her collection entitled 'Divorce Jewellery' that caught my attention. Quite rightly, she states on her website that people do not just mourn the death of individuals but also of 'relationships and decaying marriages'. Her divorce jewellery is symbolic of this aspect of mourning. Traditional symbols used in mourning jewellery throughout the centuries, such as forget-me-nots and skulls, have been used in a new and very contemporary fashion to create ostentatious, flamboyant yet curiously wearable pieces. Divorce and mourning the death of marriage and relatiosnhips is a thoroughly modern condition which is reflected by the larger than life nature of these pieces (think gleaming gold rings that span the entire width of the hand with lifesize bird skulls, brightly coloured enamelled flowers and gemstones). That's enough from me, I shall let you see for yourselves!

You can view more of her work, read her bio and find stockists on her website:

Personally, there isn't much I wouldn't do to get my hands on one of those massive bird skull rings... Y'know, just saying.

What do you think? Seen anything similar? Feel free to share your thoughts and/or opinions!


Anonymous said...

looks promising, but I'll be honest and say it was not what I was hoping for... My first thought was that we'd get a better look at what goes on in your head and heart, a subject I'm greatly interested in.

However, you introduced me to something I never knew existed with Gisele's jewellery. I have to admit, I was interested and fascinated and look forward to seeing what you show us next!

Paradisaea Decora said...

Not here sir. That's what my personal journal is for... and that's very closely protected ;) I'm not interested in sharing what's in my head and my heart in what is, predominantly, a creative/business endeavour. This is purely for sharing my work and that of others, giving the occasional insight into other things such as visits and events etc that take my interest and what have you :)

Thank you very much :) I will be updating again very shortly!