Sunday, 25 July 2010

Upcoming travels, events and plans...

Having just spent a blissful week in one of my favourite cities, Berlin, I am now back in my studio and contemplating which direction to point myself and everything I do next. I am extremely happy in what I am doing but I feel it's time, or at least the time is approaching, for me to step things up a notch and move things on a bit further. My work is coming along nicely, I am mastering new techniques in my spare time which I hope to start using in my designs very soon, I am exploring options in terms of where to take my work and who to show it to next and I must say, it's all going swimmingly. However, I cannot help but feel like I am stagnating here. My options as it stands are to move back to the town that I studied in (Worcester, UK) or to up sticks completely and move out of England. All of the options have their pros and cons so this will take a lot of thought. I, thankfully, have at least the next 5 months to do said thinking.

In the meantime however, I will be attending a couple of events for definite between now and the end of the year as well as hopefully arranging a regular pitch at one of the markets in Brick Lane, London. You will definitely find me at Whitby Gothic Weekend in October and quite possibly at the London Tattoo Convention in September. There is also word of some independent exhibitions and events so keep your eyes open for any info on those... I will, of course, be posting full info as and when I know.

And now I turn to you all with a question. I know there are many of you who have put in requests for mens items and, as such, this is already being looked into/worked on, but I am curious to hear what else you would like to see from Sacré Coeur. Cameo designs, new styles, different hat designs, fascinators, other accessories... anything at all, I'd like to hear it! Feel free to email me on if you'd like to keep it to yourself or go into more detail than a blog comment will allow, but if you'd like to leave a comment here with suggestions, I'd like that just as much!

Oh, and also, before I forget! Look out for Sacré Coeur in this issue of Alt NOIR magazine as well as on the upcoming cover of Alt Fashion. Also, I am waiting to hear back on publications in a couple of other mags. Again, I'll keep you posted.

Apologies for a rather dull, text only entry. I will be posting a new artist feature and some pretty pictures this week to make up for it!

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